Taran Noah Smith

Taran Noah Smith Then Now

From Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor’s constant need for more power to Al Borland’s famous plaid shirts and dry wit. Home Improvement was a huge hit among primetime viewers throughout the 1990s. They made actors like Tim Allen and Jonathan Taylor Thomas stars. Among those who rose to fame was Taran Noah Smith who got his first acting gig at the age of seven when he tried out for the show’s pilot.

“I was very lucky,” Smith said after the series wrapped in 1999. As the series became one of the best-selling sitcoms of the decade. “When we went to L.A. that time. We didn’t even know there was such a thing as a pilot season. Home Improvement was the third audition I went to in L.A.” As it turns out, one of the shows Taran Noah Smith was on only lasted one season and he didn’t get a spot in a McDonald’s commercial. “I was lucky I didn’t get it and got Home Improvement.”

Taran Noah Smith Wining Young Artist Awards

Won the Young Artist Award in 1992 and 1994 for his performances. Taran Noah Smith proved his talent on stage and later appeared in the made for television film Ebbie. He also appeared in the film episode Seventh Heaven. In addition to lending his voice to Little Bigfoot 2 and Batman Beyond. But, as Smith soon realized. Nothing can beat his role as the adorable Mark Taylor.

As soon as the series ended in 1999. Taran Noah Smith walked away from the spotlight much like his costar Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Two years later. He finally came forward and explained his decision to leave Hollywood. “I started Home Improvement when I was seven. And the show ended when I was 16. I never had the chance to decide what I wanted to do with my life. When I was 16, I knew that I didn’t want to act anymore.”

Made Headlines When He Was 17 Years Old

Later that year, Smith made headlines as a 17-year-old. He is married to 33-year-old Heidi van Pelt. With his parents being angry with his decision. Taran Noah Smith sued them over control of a $1.5 million trust fund. After telling the judge that his parents squandered most of his fortune to buy themselves a luxury home. On his 18th birthday, Smith assumed full control of the trust.

Despite his highly publicized marriag. And financial battle putting an extensive strain on his relationship with his parents. Taran Noah Smith has finally made amends with his family. Reuniting with his mother. Smith said, “In 2001, there was definitely some teenage angst-driven strife between us. But it’s common between parents and children. It was enlarged because of the media and things like that.”

With his personal and financial life back on track. Smith and his wife decided it was safe to return to the spotlight once again. Only this time it wouldn’t have anything to do with acting. Instead, the couple shared their vegan lifestyle by opening a restaurant named Playfood in 2005. With featuring non-dairy, vegan and organic foods. However, between the pressures of running a business and welcoming their first child. The couple soon realized their differences and parted ways. Their divorce finalized and the doors of Playfood forever closed in 2007.

Target Of Another Media Frenzy

By 2012, Smith found himself as the target of another media frenzy but not for good reason. He was arrested in February for driving under the influence and for marijuana possession. He pled guilty to the charges and had his sentence lowered. Resulted in a three-year probation. Allowed him to avoid jail time if he made it through the first six months without any issues. Thankfully, he stayed on the straight and narrow.

In the years since, Taran NoahSmith has been working “as an installation artist at various festivals and some museums.” He’s also doing charity work and spent “half of 2014 in the Philippines doing disaster relief for an organization called Communitere.” While the rest of his Home Improvement costars have stayed in show business. Smith has never returned. “It’s not because I didn’t like it,” he said. “I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I had a wonderful time. But it’s something I did all my childhood life. And by the time I was 16 or 17, I just wanted to do other things.”

Now busy getting his hands dirty working behind the scenes. Taran Noah Smith is finally happy with his life and career. “I really enjoy working with my hands. Working with tools and having something physical to look at and say that I built at the end of the day. That’s what makes me happiest.”

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